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Shiver me timbers

Bath is still reeling from the society event of the season – my house's pirate party. Aaaaarrr. It was a rather confusing party because everyone was dressed the same – white shirt, black trousers, evil-looking weapon, red headscarf, rum stains – a situation made more confusing after everyone had had their share of Grog and Pugwash Punch. Readers, I did not drink, instead spending the evening half hoping that no one would break anything/wee in the piano/die/offer crack to the neighbours/declare war on the Spanish navy, and half hoping that I would be able to put my new Future Publishing-sponsored first aid skills to good use. I have a proper green first aid box from the pound shop now!

Anyway, Nick, our very own Blackbeard, turned up, as did Andrew "Adam Ant WAS a pirate" Gregory, as shown here.

Captain Hook...

Captain Hook...

... and Tinkerbell

...and Tinkerbell

Sadly, Mike took so much time preparing his captain's parrot costume that he forgot to show up. Either that or he was being a pirate in the best way he knows how – staying in his bedroom playing dodgy warez games.

Speaking of gaming, I hope to mollify any readers angered by the production errors I let slip through in LXF77 (noooooooooooooooooo) by the fact that not only does my house have a working arcade machine (running legal Roms, natch) it also has a Tux poster proudly displayed in the background.

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