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I was lucky enough to be able to sleep to 7am this morning, because it was a busy day: in the morning, five hours of IronPython from Jim Hugunin, and in the afternoon another five hours of Mono. Well, at least that's the idea - I could only stay for the first 90 minutes of the Mono talk because I had an interview with Andrew Morton, the esteemed kernel hacker. We had a great time: Andrew is really chatty, and - fortunately for Joby - really open to do some unusual pictures. I think you'll understand what I mean when Joby finishes playing around with them and gives me one to upload!

He said some interesting things, amongst which:

  1. "I wish Linus had used CVS from day one"
  2. "I always expected the wheels would fall off BitKeeper"
  3. "I don't think the kernel quality is as high as it should be. We're getting quite a few regressions sneaking into each release.

You'll need to wait for the rest to come into print to find out more!

From there we had the Tuesday Evening Extravaganza: Larry Wall's State of the Onion speech was great, Paul Graham's talk about blogs was unique(!), and Damian Conway boldly Photoshopped the faces of notable Perl hackers into Lara Craft costumes. Allison Randal never looked so good!

Anyway, I skimped on pictures yesterday, so here are several to make up for the drought...

Larry Wall: the State of the Onion

Larry Wall's State of the Onion speech was indeed based on a game his children were creating, and Perl was mentioned once or thrice.

Nat Torkington et al

Most people listened attentively...

Surfing the web during an OSCON talk

...others sat and surfed the web...

Programming during an OSCON talk part 2

...and still others seemed to be working on complex programming problem. Or figuring out why OS X has crashed.

People\'s Republic of Perl

Of course, using humour helped to keep people focused on the speaker rather than focused on Slashdot...

Nat Torkington

...but Nat Torkington gets by using shirts that have their contrast knob turned up too high!

Joby Sessions: the ultimate geek photographer

Joby worked hard all day, bless 'im. I think you guys will really appreciate the quality shots he's been taking: you'll never have felt so close to the key people in the open source industry!

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