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The first copy of my latest book arrived today, and I'm over-the-moon happy with it. This isn't a surprise: after two years of writing the book, I spent a further year working with the editing team at O'Reilly to add, delete, edit and rewrite large chunks until everyone was happy with it. It's about a third of the size of the online book (Practical PHP Programming), but much of the difference is straightforward cutting of non-nutshell topics. So, making games, ASCII art, etc, all went first. The harshest cuts, IMHO, were in the XML and database chapters - I admit I found it quite hard to get into the Nutshell mentality, but we got there in the end.

Even after extensive rewriting, the book still ended up 50 pages longer than we originally planned, but honestly I don't feel I could cut anything further without damaging the book's worth. As it is, I would really like to see the book being an extra 50 pages, but I guess I'm always going to think that no matter what size it was ;)

PHP in a Nutshell: the best PHP book on Earth, honest!

Last week I managed to do most of the next Fedora Core Unleashed book, so I'm going to take a break from writing for a while. I've also done enough reading for a while, which means I can concentrate on films and photography - the easy stuff! Oh, and making magazines. Which reminds me: ty govorish po Linux-ski? A while back, Nick blogged that we had a Greek edition of Linux Format. Well, now we also have a Russian edition - hurrah for us! The Russians came over to LinuxWorld UK and we had a great time. Now, if only we could visit them...

In Soviet Russia, source code opens you!

Linux Format Russia

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