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OSCon day -1

OSCon registration starts today at about 3pm. My wife (Ildiko) and I arrived at 9pm last night, but with 8 hours of jet lag hanging over me I only managed to sleep until 4am. Having four airplane meals in one day is enough to make anyone ill, so I guess I'm glad to have slept at all...

OSCon at 5am Sunday

I went for a wander around our hotel. The lobby is deserted, apart from the odd other person who clearly also arrived from a far-off land. Decided to go for a walk to the convention centre: looking at the map, it seems our hotel (Portland Doubletree) is on the far edge of the city, which means a tram ride even to get to Powell's city of books!

The Red Lion welcomes OSCon

The Red Lion is much closer to the convention centre, and probably half the price. D'oh!

As OSCon doesn't really gear up until later today, the convention centre was unmarked and unmanned. At 6am the only person around was a guy straight out of detox who wanted us to help him find the Max line (the light rail/tram system). Still, the sun lit up the houses on the hill quite nicely: Portland is as beautiful a place as ever.

Portland sleeps

Time for breakfast. This is usually a great place for geek watching: any place where geeks get together will invariably have a breakfast hall full of people sitting at tables by themselves, pretending to read the menu really closely.

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