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Hello! We've had thousands of threads on our Help forum with so many different solutions to common problems, and we're really grateful to our forum regulars for the help they provide. Well, Khakilang just came up with an awesome idea: a hints and tips forum. We've created a new place where you can share Linux knowledge you've gained - how to get a certain piece of hardware working, for instance, or how to install a particular program.

Click here to access the new forum and share your Linux wisdom with the world. Thanks!

Your comments

Procedural matters

I appreciate the idea and am not criticising in any way, but I am a little uncertain as to how this should be best organised in such a way as to not simply add redundancy and, consequently, confusion

If I have a problem to which I need a solution, when I come to the forums, I first search to see if the problem has been resolved and, if not, I post a query in the Help forum

When a problem has been solved, it makes finding a solution quicker, when I search if the title of the problem is changed to include the word "solved" - A standard practice

Short of some other means of ensuring there is neither simple repetition of the original titles from problems without the "solved" I see this new forum as running the risk of either simply being the Help forum under another name or, worse yet, causing confusion by returning duplicate results from the Help forum

One solution, I suppose, would be to shift "solved" problems to the new forum ... but that, I fear, would be a headache for the mods and, furthermore, would simply result in the two forums together simply recreating the original Help forum

I have no suggestions myself at this time and this is, as I said, not intended to be negative criticism - I am just uncertain as to the practicality of two separate forums when one might be adequate

I've seen it work

I've seen it done on another site and duplication didn't seem to be a problem there, though I don't know if it kept the mods busy. I think as long as people search both fora before posting either a question or a tip, it should work. I suppose it'll help if the search results make it obvious which forum each title is in.

The advantage of a 'hints & tips' forum is it can encourage people to talk about their good ideas as well as simple fixes, which in turn might help inspire the rest of us.

organizing the Hints and Tips

One suggestion might be to come up with a list of topics that would be of interest, and provide a tag for each topic, and ask each contributor to assign the appropriate tag or suggest a new topic. This might help give some structure to the forum. As it is, the single topic of "Linux knowledge" is a bit of a broad sweep.

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