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With only a few days to go until 2006, it's time for some predictions about Linux and the upcoming year. I'm notoriously bad at this, but in the off-chance that something turns out to be right, here we go:

  • Linux 2.7 will officially branch. There's too much dissatisfaction from users and distro vendors with the regular invasive changes in 2.6. There'll be enough new major features to warrant 2.7, leaving 2.6 for stability and security fixes only, like in the good ol' days (well, except the VM change mid-2.4...)
  • Ubuntu will decelerate the number of semi-official spinoffs (eg Kubuntu, Xubuntu). One of Ubuntu's great strengths is that it's simple, a single CD, one type of app for each task -- a great all-round distro. Diluting the brand could wash it back into the endless sea of lesser-known distros.
  • The ReactOS Windows clone will receive financial backing from a company. Now that it's running Firefox and OOo, with MS Office on the way, it's too big to be left in the sidelines.
  • I get blue-shelled by the finish line in Mario Kart DS... Again...

So there we have it. Agree? Disagree? Think Knorr will buy Gentoo? Let me know your predictions on our forum, and I'll post them up here, this time next year...

Happy new year all!

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