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Mac Upgrade, Graham downgrade

My Mac has been upgraded (yes, LXF is still made on Macs, yadda yadda). I've gone from a 450MHz G4 to a 466MHz G4, and now have 1.25GB of RAM rather than just 1GB. The immensity of this upgrade should mean that LXF production can be completed at least 30 seconds earlier per issue, which means 30 seconds more of Unreal Tournament.

Speaking of UT, we have had various interesting developments. First, our team of players has expanded: Team LXF still consists of Degville (Graham), TekWMinister (Mike), Deathchimp (Andrew), Lezbian_Warrior (Rebecca), Evilnick (Veitch), and Hudzilla (myself). But now we have also have competition from PC Plus, who have founded Team PCP. They have T3mp3r (Alan Dexter, Labs Editor), PCP-MyB@d (Chris Thornett, Operations Editor), Art_Chafe (Paul Blachford, Art Editor) and Deathchad (Chad Hall, Production Assistant). Occasionally NotEvilNick (Richard Cobbett) joins in, but we're short on computers right now. Adding to the chaos somewhat further is Jonty (Jon Hicks, Deputy Editor of Windows XP magazine), which means that after hours here at Future is quite loud and adrenaline-packed!

PC Plus seem to have the advantage in terms of technology: faster computers, special laser mice and even gaming mouse pads, while here on LXF we just have to use pure skill. Without Evilnick (he's on holiday, still). we're struggling in places. But the super-team-combo performance of Degville + TekWMinister usually saves us.

Paul Blachford and Alan Dexter show what really makes them great: team hugs.
Art_Chafe and T3mp3r show off their elite gaming laser mouse. Alan's t-shirt reads, "reality: something that happens when you are not playing computer games."

Chris Thornett and Chad Hall need all the Unreal Tournament practice they can get
PCP-MyB@d and Deathchad discuss UT tactics. You can see Lezbian_Warrior in the background, playing UT during office hours. Really, there's no telling some people...

In other news, Graham has discovered a new, ultra-reliable, highly-redundant backup format: writing things down.

Graham Morrison has very neat handwriting

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