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Little tweaks

I hope you've noticed that our Answers section now links solutions with PDF files of previous articles - subscribers already get access to all these as part of their subscription, but hopefully everyone will benefit because we're doing the searching for you!

I'm now thinking of expanding the "Hitting the mirrors" section at the end of News so that we can tell you about more project releases. What do you think?

Your comments

The universe expands; Why not LXF?

Expansion = more info
more info = good
print "good"


Im all for it unless of course you are gonna cut out some good content.

LXF 135 == What happened to

LXF 135 ==

What happened to the "Book Reviews?"

One can only benefit from

One can only benefit from more knowledge and opportunity. The more you toss our way the more we benefit.

Sounds good. I usually check

Sounds good.

I usually check at least one of the releases mentioned.

But as mentioned above what might get cut? I wouldn't mind seeing the letters page cut back slightly. But since you recently expanded it I guess it is popular.

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