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LinuxWorld London — day2

Reinforcements arrived today, in the form of Andy Channelle, Hudzilla, Joby (the photographer) and, thingy, you know, no, don't tell me... Scott! No, that's not it...
Anyway, as with day 1, there were highs and lows.

First off, it was good to meet so many readers. No really, don't be shy. It was also good to see some of the forum regulars around and about, but I'm sure there were some there I didn't get to see.

Back down at the Great Linux Debate, take 2, I think someone must have been reading my blog entry. Not all the questions were aimed at Microsoft, and even those that were, Nick McGrath didn't always get the last word. We actually discussed some Linux stuff too!

Novell seemed to have one of the biggest stands, and probably the most people on the ground. If you were looking for some friendly faces from SUSE on their stand though, you may have been disappointed. Many of them were there, they just don't work at SUSE anymore...

Overall, I think the event was an improvement on last year, but still must try harder...

Graham... that was it.

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