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Linux Starter Pack: now free for download

We printed a Linux Starter Pack this time last year, giving folks a hand-holding walkthrough on how to get started with Ubuntu. Well, we've put all the PDFs together into one file and released the whole thing online for everyone to read for free - go to to snag the zip.

If you have a Digg or StumbleUpon account, please help us out by recommending the page if you think others would like it! If not, just point folks to the page so they can get the pack for themselves. Yes, I know regular LXF readers get all the TuxRadar content a long, long time ahead of everyone else, but we think people can still benefit from these guides so we're happy to give it away.

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this great, i'm new to

this great, i'm new to ubuntu as of last week, this is gonna be great thank you

Hi! I've already given a


I've already given a copy to one of my friends who bought a netbook with linux some weeks ago. I hope it will be useful for him.

Thanks. It will be nice to have somebody to talk about linux face to face.


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