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Hair today, gone tomorrow

I haven't posted for a while, primarily because Paul has kept this blog busy with his excellent show reports (and great snaps from Joby). Similarly, nothing spectacular has happened here -- about the most exciting development is... Wait for it... I got my hair cut! Well, I got tired of maintaining a generic style that was rubbish, dear readers, so I bought some clippers and lopped the whole kaboodle off. It's now down to 3mm and my head feels like there's a constant cool breeze on it. Eep. (A chap from PC Plus just walked past my desk, looked at me with a puzzled face, and said "Didn't you used to have hair?".)

Worryingly, this entry is too much like the 563,752 blog posts that litter the web every day with such unbearably mundane topics like "Today my cat ate a banana", "You know, I hate corkscrews" and "Today I got my hair cut". Oh no! Now, for the remainder of the day I'm trying to convince everyone that I'm Mike's Evil Twin (well, more evil) so let's see what happens... (Obligatory mwahahahhahah!)

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