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GUIs? Pffft!

So anyway, some clever chap has set up a text-based 'video' stream of World Cup matches, accessible by telnetting to on port 2006. Yes, you don't even need a GUI to watch the games, and it uses negligible bandwith. Unfortunately, it has been mentioned on the major geek news sites, so you're lucky to get connected at all -- I managed to connect for a few seconds at the end of play this afternoon, before it kicked me off. Still, here's a screengrab showing some pundit offering his analysis of the match (probably):

Text fitba

Greggers had a shot at running The HURD Live CD the other day, and because it doesn't include any way to start the X server, it's the perfect OS for watching Telnet Soccer. That is, providing it works with our network cards. Bring on the geekiness!

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