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Graham’s new camera

As we approach the magazine deadline for LXF72, Nick and I spend our time reading pages and tut-tutting at errors that have snuck past Andrew and Rebecca. Despite having amassed a rainbow of highlighter colours, this part of the job isn't terribly interesting, so it was a happy break from monotony when Graham's new camera arrived.

After much deliberation, our audio expert has now sidled into the world of photo and video: Graham is the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot S2-IS. Mysteriously it has a bigger manual and more buttons than my Canon EOS 20D; perhaps button count is a selling point. He's struggling to get non-blurry pictures out of it, which seems to be everyone's cross to bear for the first few weeks they own a compact camera.

Graham\'s fancy new Canon compact PowerShot

The interesting feature of this camera is that the viewfinder uses an internal video screen rather than actually finding the view for itself - as you might expect a viewfinder would do. This video is just redirected from what would otherwise have gone out to the main LCD, so although it does save some power it's not perfect. The Image Stabilisation - which is very good on Canon cameras - is turned to Continuous by default, which means you get IS while you frame the shot and when the picture is taken, further draining the batteries. Some Canon exec somewhere probably owns some shares in Duracell...

While Mike was admiring the new unit, Graham's Leaning Tower of Cups rather randomly tipped over. It's up to about 160 cups now, so it teeter-totters in the air conditioning now - perhaps this fall has been coming for a while. Anyway, ace photographer that I am I managed to get a nice snap of Graham and Mike as the tower tipped - you'd almost think I nudged it myself! (Note: I didn't. Honest!)

The bigger they are, the faster they run and scream in terror

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