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Gifts are coming...

Welcome to 2011! Here at LXF Towers we're putting the final touches to Linux Format issue 142, which will be in a bag and include something cool. We're not saying what this object of coolness is just yet, because life is all about surprises, but we know you'll find it useful.

And it doesn't stop there. Long-time readers will remember that we're included posters in the mag before, with fabulous Linuxy artwork from our covers on one side, and information on the other. We're planning to include a poster with LXF 143, and we'd like your ideas.

It could have funky Linux-advocacy artwork on both sides, or perhaps some funny motivational image on one. Maybe you'd like it to include quick guides to common commands, regular expressions or the structure of your Linux installation. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we'll get cracking on it!

Your comments

A giant

Tux with some motivational text underneath

or just an awesome tux.

agree "Tux with some


"Tux with some motivational text underneath

or just an awesome tux."

A number of options spring

A number of options spring to mind:

1) commission an exclusive LXF UserFriendly comic, full colour, 6 panes
2) a comparison chart of Linux vs BSD vs Unix
3) another comparison chart, Linux vs Win/OSX/SCO ;-P
4) top 20/50/100 list of largest companies (worldwide) using Linux/FOSS
5) pin-layout+function of [the-most-common|any-and-all] PC connectors (hey, it's for geeks! ;-))
6) GNU Public Licence, printed in full
7) the Linux tree, starting at / (i.e. Linus himself ;-))

Less serious:
8) some graphics detailing the user data of the LXF forums, like geographical locations (source: IP addresses ;-)), number of posts per 1-1-11, contributors per country, stuff like that...
9) get-together shot of all the LXF staff at the LXF towers
10) caricatures of all LXF staff, as a calender ;-)

Remember Mike, you have 2 sides. Or 12 if you design it as a fold-up, glue-yourself cube! (no, that's not miscalculating on my part ;-)) You now have plenty of choice, just like a real Linux! ;-))

PS, add 3: like what's included, what does the user need to install/purchase separately, hardware support, upgrade paths, you'll get the idea ;-)

Haven't even received issues

Haven't even received issues 140 & 141 yet.
So maybe I can still have a gift, if they come soon!

I'd Like

'6) GNU Public Licence, printed in full' colour!


A post dated cheque as a refund for a late delivery?

Linux Mint Choccies?

A fully working DVD?

Only joking.

Being like a child I can`t wait for this goodie bag... ;o)


I'd Like

The The Linux Kernel, printed in full' colour!

How about

one of those Tux posters where the picture is made up of kernel source code?

Tux cartoons

Tux cartoons please, perhaps an exploded view of a desk top with various tux's inside computing stuff.

I'd like a...

How about a pic of a B.S.O.D., just for ol' times' sake. :)

A 2011 LXF Wallplanner with issue due dates marked on, it'll save me buying a generic one and doing it myself. ;)

YEs a wallplanner (with a

YEs a wallplanner (with a tux)

Re: Wallplanner

Hi! We did think about a wallplanner, but issue 143 will be on sale on 3 March (and take a few weeks to reach overseas subscribers). We're not sure how many people would want one, with a good chunk of the year already gone!


A new Acer Aspire One .... I

A new Acer Aspire One .... I stood on the last one!

cheat sheets

How about a history of Linux and derivatives as a diagram

Or a set of cheatsheets on vi, emacs etc?

Wall planner

>>We did think about a wallplanner, but issue 143 will be on sale on 3 March

So, do it by the financial year, it'll arrive in plenty of time for April. :-)

me too, still waiting for issues 140 & 141

getting my issues delivered to the States through the seemingly cheap IMS. Still waiting for 140 & 141.

I am like stillWaiting!!!

Receiving my issue in time would be a much better gift

28th of January and still waiting for my issue 141

Basic commands for newbies

Maybe a list of common commands and there windows equivalents for newbies.

Missing DVD - Issue 142

"The Advanced Linux Pocket Guide" is rather nice to be the little extra accompanying issue 142.

Yet, it would have been a lot nicer when there had been a DVD with it...

There is NO damage to the plastic bag, there is NO glue residue on page 114 and there is NO DVD on that same page.
So that can only leave me as to believe that this months DVD is simply forgotten :-(

Am I the only one being DVD-abandoned this month?

(Where do I go now to make my "claim" for a replacement?)

Re: Missing DVD

Sorry to hear that -- it should've been in the bag, but sounds like your issue was missing it for some reason. Email with the issue number (LXF142) and your full address.

Poster Suggestions

Why not go with theme/s of Popular/Handy Links - eg Unixmen, OStatic, KubuntuGuide, Ubuntu geek, Phoronix, GTK-Apps, KDE-Apps, etc, etc. Just as your HotPicks are always looked forward to (by me anyway) I am sure a lot of users would like to have a ready reference point to handy stuff. Sure we can use Bookmarks etc but it doesn't take long to build up some almighty long lists of those.

Alternatively you could list things like various apps under category that are not necessarily listed in normal repositories but are interesting nonetheless, for example like Ubuntu-Tweak or Ailurus (this is one that very few people seem to know of but is very very handy). These things could come under System Utilities, then look at all the graphics apps that are not generally known like sk1 for Corel users, various Scanning Apps, Bluemarine and the like. A lot of new users in particular tend to use what is in the repositories and fail to realise that there is so much more if they bother to look. That is where the links to Blogs such as your own LXF site can point them not only to Blogs but to Magazines that will help them to better understand our beautiful Linux.

Regards... Phil

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