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Well, it looks like this Twitter thing is starting to take off, so I'd better put down my Z80 assembly language manual and get into the modern age. We've created a new Twitter account especially for the magazine, which we'll use to keep you in the loop with updates from Team LXF - when new issues go on sale, when subscribers get early access to PDFs, and so forth.

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Twitter Spam

Now I am quite annoyed when companies either send several tweets a day or save all of them up and spam 5 in a row then fall silent for a few weeks. I am hopping that there will be a steady feed of news about updates to past articles or previews of what is to come next issue?

We have all heard that silence is golden, but that is not so true for a media outlet is it :-P

Re: Twitter Spam

This isn't going to be a high volume Twitter account -- there's no point us posting what we've had for breakfast, just to keep it looking busy. It'll have updates about the magazine where appropriate, but I see no harm in being quiet for a few days if there's nothing to announce.


A mixture of cereals and some yoghurt, mmm!

Z80 assembly language

Mmm, Z80 assembly language. Anyone else remember these Spectrum games, written in the best programming language ever?

Don't put away the Z80 manual

Reading a Z80 manual is probably more productive than most of the stuff on twitter.

Oh how I miss those Z80 days when I could remember the hex number for every instruction to poke into memory. Now I can't remember what I had for tea last night.

I've sdded you to my list of people to follow, look forward to the updates.

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