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A Festivus for the rest of us

Christmas is coming, some geese are having obesity concerns, and we kindly request that you drop small items of change into senior citizens' headwear. It's also the time of the year when we can celebrate Festivus -- an alternative event which probably leads to fewer family arguments than the real thing. Here at LXF Towers, though, we have bigger problems: we can't decide what to do for a Christmasy team-type event-ish thing-o-whatsit.

Grumblingly, my suggestion for us all to go hot-air ballooning was almost rejected outright, despite the 'team bonding' that would surely be achieved in a tiny wicker basket several thousand feet in the air. Oh, and apparently they serve champagne on the trip too -- what isn't there to like? Presumably the winter weather wouldn't be conducive to a pleasant trip, and Nick's talk of chimneys being knocked over by uncontrollable balloons doesn't give us all much confidence either.

So that leaves us with a few other options: a pub quiz, a restaurant meal, ice skating, or something else. My current opinion for those, in order, is: yay, OK (but double-yay if it's Chinese), nay (fingers-sliced-off fears) and moo. So, perhaps LXF readers could help us decide? What would you like the hard-working crew behind your favourite magazine to do? Maybe you'd be entertained if we went absailing, or perhaps you'd like to see pics of the team in neck braces after some go-karting. Any other suggestions? Do let us know on the forum...

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