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LinuxWorld London, day 1

Well, I can't say I was there at the very opening of the event - ticket shenanigans meant we caught a later train than we planned, but the intrepid Mr Saunders and myself arrived at Olympia before midday, to find an encouraging number of people visiting the show.

Our first task was delivering some award certificates, to the Gentoo guys, IBM and Rackspace. All were thrilled to have their awards at last (sorry about the wait). LXF Awards 2006 will kick off in the next few months. Remember, these are still, AFAIK, the only awards that are nominated and voted for by the general Linux users, so the people who win them are very appreciative indeed.
After a quick chat with Adam Jollans of IBM, I went off to take part in the Great Linux Debate. It was I think better than some previous years. There was certainly a great panel. Unfortunately, I think the presence of a Microsoft representative is a bit of a mistake. Many of the questions were directed at him, or were geared towards why Microsoft does this that and the other. Well, maybe there is a place for that, but on the panel, sitting there waiting for something interesting to talk about, were some really great Linux personalities: Klaus Knopper, Rasmus Lerdorf, Mark Shuttleworth. It was really a great opportunity to have a discussion on the future of Linux, but instead it turned into a talk about IP laws, patents and monopolies.

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