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As we dive headlong towards a new year, it seems everything is changing. So welcome to the next issue of Linux Format and a new editor graces this page. While the faces may change, the game most certainly stays the same; packing as much informative, fun and inspirational content into the hallowed pages of the world’s best GNU/Linux and open-
source software magazine.

It’d be something of an understatement to say I’m excited to be taking the reins of LXF at this point in time. The whole free and open source software world is currently riding the crest of a populist wave, the likes of which no one fully predicted. The GNU/Linux and open source ecosystem stretches across the globe: powering the fastest super computers; hundreds of millions of servers; to the most exciting consumer gadgets consoles and phones in existence today.

There’s no doubt that open source software has become the digital engine the world runs on, you’d have to be utterly blinkered or bought, not to be excited by that. Even with the Linux kernel heading towards a quarter of a century of constant development, the whole GNU/Linux
environment remains vibrant, cutting-edge and ever evolving.

The passion that this instils in the development and user communities is easy to see, with emotional debates fuelling the direction of so many aspects of the operating system. With so much excitement surrounding Linux, now is the ideal time to introduce friends, family and loved ones to a fresh Linux install. No matter if you’re a new hand or old to Linux, setting up a perfect install takes a little time and know how. So our cover feature sets out to deliver the perfect Linux install.

If you’re jealously eyeing up new Xbox Ones and PS4s, fear not, we reveal why Linux is the next powerhouse in gaming. You’ve more than likely heard about SteamOS, but that’s just one part in a bigger picture of growing Linux gaming developments. It’s all adding to the building head of steam that’s going to push Linux into another new arena.

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