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Calling colleges and unis!

I have a stack of spare LXF DVDs here which I'd love to get into the hands of potential Linux convertees. If anyone works in a college, school or university and would like to hand out Linux to students, get in touch! I have:

  • LXF112 - CentOS 5.2 - Ultra-solid enterprise distro (ideal for those studying coding and sysadmin stuff)
  • LXF113 - Mandriva One 2009 - Friendly and fun distro (best suited for those completely new to Linux)

The 112 DVD also includes Puppy Linux and VirtualBox, while the 113 DVD has PC-BSD 7.0.1 and ZenWalk 5.2.

In total I have 30 of each, so if you have the opportunity to hand them out, drop me a line (Mike DOT Saunders AT futurenet DOT com). Let me know how many you need and the address of the college/uni, and I'll pop them in the post!

Your comments

Great initiative man! I'll

Great initiative man! I'll forward this to professors who are potentially might embrace the penguin :-)

Hey, Got a few college


Got a few college tutor friends who teach ICT Diplomas - Can get some passed onto them if you wish.

My college tutors are still

My college tutors are still way too Windows-centric at the moment :(

Saying that though I've been allowing fellow students to borrow my LXF cover discs for Ubuntu, Fedora and Mandriva and wind up spending a lot of time answering their emails, so hopefully student demand will alter their perspective ;)

I'm a recent convert to

I'm a recent convert to Linux, and I happen to work in a school of education. Not sure I can get it in the hands of undergraduate students but I'd love to hand it out to people in our school.

Righto, drop me a line! M

Righto, drop me a line!


I'd be happy to relieve you

I'd be happy to relieve you of some of the CentOS discs. I'm the Student Representative for the Cyber Security and Computer Forensics course at Kingston University. We currently have our Coding lecturer using a Fedora system to perform his lectures on, but I'm certain that something as stable as CentOS would certainly pique their interest further.

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