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Bored of this decade

I've just spent the last few hours putting up a beginners Emacs tutorial on TuxRadar. Long-time LXF readers will recognise it from way back in the dark mists of LXF - from the early 60s to the mid-70s to be precise - and I figured it was time to set the content free for everyone to enjoy. It's hardly as if Emacs has changed all that much, after all, and even the most hardened of LXF subscribers are unlikely to dig that deep into our subscriber-only area to find the PDFs. If you find yourself bored over the holiday break and you're interested in trying something different, give it a read.

So, I'm done now. I'm free to enjoy my last Christmas without kids, which means tomorrow morning I'll sleep in, then hopefully have a very relaxed day indeed. We're all out of the office now until January 4th, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas and an awesome 2010!

Your comments

Grumpy old man

Yes, yes, yes!

I just had a fight with Ubuntu 9.04. We have reached "peak-ubuntu". I don't know exactly when but I would say about 8.04 or something.

All this shit we get nowadays, Avahi, automatic X, silly Grub 2, wireless fucking network as default even it there is a perfectly good 100M wired network available.

And icons as default. I know no one that prefer icons to lists of files. Not even my Mac-hugging wife.

Do we have to accept beeing treated as idiots by Canonical? If yes, can someone point me to some other distro based on Debian with up to date packages but without this dumbing down?

And please, don't get me started on Java. Is there a Java hate-club I can join?

And yes, LXF is still the best!

I hope that this year Linux

I hope that this year Linux takes the big dip.
We all want to see Linux on prime time, and I hope this year is it.

Also, less eye candy and more stability would be nice.
Oh! and don't forget new programs!!!

How long will Linux survive with the same batch of old programs, but
with updated versions?

It makes Linux almost predictable.

TQ Linux, TQ OSS, TQ LinuxFormat!

TQ Linux & OSS for making my ICT life more colourful.

TQ Linux & OSS for making my ICT job easier.

How I Love LINUX & OSS;

day by day it becomes more stable,
day by day it becomes easier to manage and use.

And TQ LinuxFormat for all priceless guides, features, reviews, tutorials, answers (Nick Veitch's LXF13 April 2001), cynuxes, anatomy of a geek desktop (Mike Saunders' LXF75 January 2006), starter packs, CDs & DVDs.

Oh God, mere words could not explain my love and appreciation to all of you.

TQ all. May I wish you all the best and an awesome 2010..

President of Free Software for the World

I bought the latest version of Linux
Format... It is great...
but... here is the bad part... It won't even open up the usb
flashdrive ??? What gives... Won't open up my DVD... I did not
install it... I set it up to run directly... Also why does it go
into a shell when is it first loaded... I have to issue the startx command to make it open
up...Before it opened up by itself... I have an idea for your next
issue...Print a small handy index card of the stuff on the DVD...
There is some cool stuff on there... But come on already... When u
cannot even open up a simple device... Give me a break already.... You preach this is stuff is great, and it won't do a simple thing... If anybody has a work around, please respond....Naturally, I issued a
mount command next, but that did nothing... If Windows people had
to remember cammand line stuff and mount commands...Would they use
this stuff... nonononononononono....Never in a 100 years...
Windows people want to point and click... keep it simpel I say...

Ubuntu OS

After trying the latest Ubuntu OS.. Some minor problems...
Which would be normal with a new Linux OS. I get the
error when inputting the gateway... I noticed this error on
the internet with Microsoft as well... It is a pain in the ass...
But have to live with it for now... My video card plays
havoc with the OS. Sometimes the screen is blurred, and I have
to reboot... Also logging off...No menu item to select to logoff.
You would think that the Linux OS gurus would have created that
for the menu at least ????? These are little things..but when
something is free who cares... I can't complain too much...
There is a ton of stuff to try out and use... I am suprised that
there are not 100 comments on this site already ??????
Hymmmmmm.... Why not ???? The magazine is great...And a
question for everybody...Why wasn't Einstein English ?????
A lot of smart Englishmen for sure... back then and now....
Have a good new year and a good week.... bye bye...

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