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Blogs, dogs and Reading List: part deux

I expect all of you noticed Mike's evil Gimp-ery of my esteemed profile, as he tried to prove himself better than me at something. Having lost his chance to be better at pool, he thought he could use the power of free software to make himself better at me than UT - but he had one fatal flaw. If you examine the image carefully, you'll notice my hair is parted on the wrong side! He would have got away with it if he wasn't too short to see that high ;)

Day five of my holiday, and I've finished the books I brought with me. This is somewhat depressing, as I've also managed to finish 2/3rds of the new Fedora book - I need to slow down. However, The North is having a palpable effect on me, and not a nice one. I've started thinking that Spanish wine might not be so bad after all. I've watched at least ten minutes of ITV this week. I read the headline on a copy of the Daily Mail. Where will the madness end?

To try to fight back, I went to the new Borders today hoping it might not be too late to save me from intellectual turpitude. It turned out not to be a mirage after all, so, on a mission to combat the inky blackness of televisual depravity, I bought some books. I meant to pick up just two, but instead bought ten, including some that I wouldn't normally have gone near. For example, "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt: well known to be a good book, but recommended by both Veitch and Channelle so I had my doubts.

New books: expect to see numerous oblique references in upcoming PHP tutorials.

Furthermore, I bought another copy of Hamlet, as my previous edition is on its last legs despite me placing it in a vacuum-sealed, waterproof, moronproof bag in a safe every time I put it down. I don't much like buying books twice, but thanks to the Penguin Classics series the blow to my wallet was restricted to £1.25. Ah! My new-found Northern Sense is tingling: I have a feeling I could have used that money for an exclusive offer for Daily Mail readers...

Time for another glass of Rioja, a pie and a chat with my parents' dog, Poppy.

Poppy the poodle has a collar with real diamonds

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