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Bird brained

WowzersI'm rubbish at photography. Seriously, abysmally rubbish. My pictures of landscape scenes are about as inspiring as a '70s geography schoolbook diagram, and my attempts at snapping humans look like cheesy in-house bios from an insurance company corporate outing.

Still, I'm glad to have photoified this - some birds nest in a roof a few metres from where I live, and here's a hopeful feathered fellow trying to rig a whopping Christmas tree into its nest. These are Georgian townhouses so presumably there's plenty of space underneath that curved tile, but even then it's a bit too optimistic...

(So as not to leave this entry on a cliff-hanger: the bird tried to prod this megatwig into the nest, but eventually gave up and discarded it. Stay tuned for more avian interior decoration insights, y'all!)

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