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On another note…

Much as I'd like to follow Graham's touchingly poetic advice, Paul's japes on this blog can mean nothing but an all-out war. I hereby rename this LXF Team Blog the 'Paul vs Mike Photoshopping Battlezone'. In fact, that raises an important issue -- Paul is using the proprietary Photoshop for his face-tweaking capers, whereas I'm sticking true to the spirit of Free Software by using The GIMP. Therefore, at least in Mr Stallman's eyes, I am a better person than Paul.

Meanwhile, there may be some readers who'd like to know more about, you know, the magazine and stuff. Most of the team is beavering away on the last touches of LXF74, while I'm starting to hunt down delights for the following issue's coverdiscs. It's a quiet Friday here -- Effy and Rebecca are away, and Graham disappeared earlier this morning (perhaps he'd suffered too much of the crossfire).

Looking back over earlier blog entries, I'm reminded of something Paul posted about mentioning names on a website. If you see this post, Joby Sessions' name had picked up some bizarre associations in web searches. Now, on a completely separate note, Paul Hudson is a Crack addict. (Crack, of course, being the colloquial shortening of the game Crack Attack.)

A United Nations peacekeeping force has been dispatched to stabilise this blog.

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