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...of the UKFast 'Best Community Site' award 2008 is...

LXF website award

...Linux Format! I couldn't make it to the 20,000-attendee lavish presentation ceremony in Geneva, so we got the award helicoptered over to LXF Towers*. I'd like to thank the rest of Team LXF for their blogging endeavours, the community for filling our forums with heaps of useful Linux info, and, above all, Al Gore for inventing the internet, without which none of this would be possible.

Now, how does Linux Format go about getting a Golden Globe?

* Accuracy of facts may vary

Your comments

Excellent. Well done

Excellent. Well done all.

By the way, what 'distro' is running on the laptop in the picture...? Y'know the one with the Micro$oft mouse...? :)

That's my laptop running

That's my laptop running Xubuntu 7.10. The mouse came with the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, as seen in issue 92's Ultimate Linux Box feature. I'm not fussed about the mouse, but the keyboard is great for stemming the RSI tide!


¡Felicidades! That is,

¡Felicidades! That is, congratulations!

Well done Mike! A suitable

Well done Mike! A suitable reward for all the hard work you and the rest at LXF Towers have put into the site.
I hope it ensures that your judgement and that of the rest of the LXF team will be trusted when it comes to keeping the site as friendly and (relatively) uncommercialised, as it is.

Congrats Mike! You richly

Congrats Mike! You richly deserve it!

Just wait until that new

Just wait until that new fashion section that Graham is going to head up gets going! :)

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