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How to do nothing

Just when you thought you'd seen every Wiki site (Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikiquote, Wikibooks), along comes one of the most entertaining websites I've ever seen: WikiHow. It's a collection of HOWTO guides, editable by anyone, and spans an amazing range of subjects including:

Screen burn

A couple of eagle-eyed Linux Format readers have pointed out the appearance of a very unpopular swearword in one of the screengrabs in LXF89. It's very small type, thankfully, but many apologies to anyone who has spotted it and is offended by it. Checking images is part of the production process at LXF Towers, so this was an oversight by Andrew and I. A case of See You Never, Typo.

Not Wii related

On matter, and stuff

What I wish they had found through the Hubble telescope instead of dark matter:
- Galaxies formed from quadrillions of microscopic liquorice allsorts
- Jeremy Paxman in a gaseous form
- Atlantis
- Evidence for a divine being
- My old passport with the border stamps from Africa in it

Happy New Distro!

Happy New Year, blog readers!

Non-Wii news

Merry Christmas Everybody.

Just to stop this whole blog becoming a Hudzilla-Wii love-in, I thought I'd just write briefly about my Christmas present this year. It's not something I'd normally do, but then I don't usually get really interesting presents.

I thought I'd be getting a Wii. My wife spent ages combing shops, the net, etc. looking for this special gift and then, a few days before crimbo, said she couldn't get it and it would be delivered on January 12th. Sounded like a Wii to mii. Fortune smiled on us and the thing was delivered in a Wii sized box on the 22nd. Hooray.

A gaming Christmas

I mentioned in my last blog entry that I was taking my Wii to the children's Christmas party at my church, and, happily, nothing got broken. The kids figured out the wrist straps straight away, and played tennis very enthusiastically without dropping any Wiimotes even once. I just don't understand how grown adults manage to let go, throw so hard the wrist strap snaps, then smash their controller into their TV sets, when 11-year-old kids can play just fine.

French people rock

Give it up, Mike

Some time ago I took on Paul's PHP quiz. I can't remember what I scored, but it was quite good for someone who no speako lingo geeko. OK, I'm being modest: according to the test, I'm good enough at PHP to be competent sysadmin and sit rocking all day, watching servers.
Mike, on the other hand, isn't very good at PHP. That's Mike Saunders, New Media Editor. Yes, Mike, you. Mike is at this moment swotting up on PHP with Paul looking over his shoulder, trying to win back the pride he lost months ago. Give up, Mike. There's no substitute for blind luck. You're quite good at pool though.

Shiny, happy December

My blog entries are usually complaints about a punctuationally-challenged society or worried posts about climate change, so I am happy to begin Monday with a shiny, happy one. As I hinted in a previous entry, I have been trying to drag my PC into 2006 in order to run better software on it, faster. (It has a Celeron 333 chip and about as much RAM as Christmas pudding I will be eating next week (currants: Yuk Points = 7; raisins: YP = 8; dried peel: YP = off the scale)).

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