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Mudslides, nuclear disasters, tsunamis - oh, my…

... but absolutely no plane crash disasters are included in the open sourcing of SimCity, because our enfeebled, over-sensitive post 9/11 minds might not be able to handle the concept without exploding.

Back from Borneo

Fresh from being promoted to Editor, my first step was to leave the country - quite a natural one, I think. Still, two weeks in Malaysia followed by two weeks at home eating turkey leftovers is a great way to relax and build up the strength to come back to the office in 2008.

I'm not going to spend too much time wittering on about the place, so let me sum up in a few numbered thoughts:

My break in pics

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

All I want for Festivus…

Is the developers at UGOBE to open-source Life OS that powers this little marvel... But I guess that's just wishful thinking on my part, though the community forums seem to hint at some sort of forthcoming SDK release...

Dawkins defined?


MikeOS 1.1 released

Yes, you thought that MikeOS 1.0 was perfect -- the absolute pinnacle of computing. But now I've released 1.1, which includes new/updated build scripts for Mac OS X and Windows users, along with new serial port system calls and Handbook improvements. Many thanks to the contributors and testers, and everyone else who has tried MikeOS (over 2,500 downloads so far)!

You are here

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Ungrateful me…

I've been writing about - and using - Linux and open source software since I joined team LXF at the turn of the century (issue 8, I think) and I've sort of taken the massive contribution that people make to these extraordinary projects for granted. You know, the software is just there and it does what it should, most of the time, and we use it, upgrade, love new features and then forget that it's made by real people.
Anyway, two things happened this week which exposed me to this wonder again.

Hello, world

The publisher of Linux Format has promoted me to the position of editor, which means after five years at Future Publishing I finally have the much-coveted one-word job title. Nick Veitch was editor of Linux Format from issue 1 to issue 99, which is a very long way by any standards, but long-term readers will know that surprisingly little has changed in the magazine in that time. Sure, the old geek rating system for tutorials died a long time ago, but Roundup, What on Earth, Answers, HotPicks and more continue to be valued parts of the magazine, which shows that Nick clearly got a lot right.

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