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Biking incident #2

Before I get inundated with requests to model sensible clothing on daytime shopping television and in Sunday newspaper supplements (see Paul's post below), I thought I'd share a more fitting image of myself from a couple of weeks ago. I fell off my mountain bike while riding the North Face trail in the Grizedale forest. A stupid mixture of too much air in my tyres and wet riding conditions sent my bike one way and me t'other (in Mike's local dialect). It looks worse in the photos than it really was, and the bruising has almost gone.

LXF mugs

If you're thinking about subscribing to LXF and are currently not completely convinced, check out the new subs gift that will be going live from LXF107:

Yes, it's an LXF-branded coffee mug. Our subs team are incredibly creative, don'tcha know. Of course, you'll only get one of them, but it's neat nonetheless. If you're already a subscriber and won't be renewing any time soon, you'll have to content yourself with this excellent picture of our very own Graham Morrison using his LXF mug:


Where in the world is Carmen Mikeiego?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay in territories unknown with a friend based over yonder (thanks Hil!). But where was I? See if you can guess from these pics. First person to get the answer right wins either a holiday home in the Cotswolds or a packet of Smarties (prizes may vary).

The Linux Pub Quiz

Readers of LXF 106 may have already turned to page 60 and seen our special feature, "The Linux Pub Quiz". Now, generally we're quite a light-hearted magazine, but it's rare we do something like this. That said, I think you'll enjoy it - the questions are very varied (and some are really hard!), and it really works to give a good overall feel of just how wide the Linux world is.

The beautiful game

Far be it from me to show off, but here's my kick-arse fantasy football team, the mighty Lokomotiv Albion.

Lokomotiv Albion

As you can see, I stand astride my Daily Torygraph super league like a colossus.

Gregory astride the league like a colossus

An update about our discs

Lots of readers have written in to complain about the packaging of the disc in LXF105, and I don't blame them. If you haven't seen the issue yet, the disc isn't bound into the large paper wallet we've been doing for several issues, but was instead placed inside a clear plastic wallet and stuck to the back page. It sucks because:

1) People were just getting used to the bound-in paper wallet
2) Plastic is bad for the environment
3) Plastic also looks cheap, despite costing more
4) We lost space where we'd normally print disc contents and other information

Hands on with the Eee 900

I've just scrambled back to LXF Towers to report on the Eee PC 900. Asus brought a much-in-demand sample unit to Future Publishing, but we barged away our sister magazines to get a quick test-run. The form factor is largely identical to the 701 unit (a smidgen taller, wider and heavier), and the touchpad is slightly more spacious.

Ah, now it makes sense

Dell's new range of Vostro laptops are absurdly cheap, starting at £169 (ex VAT) for the low end model. How can Michael Dell afford to feed his kids anything except Tesco Value Noodles and Aldi Blue Pop?

Simple: ramp up the price of displays. If you want a sparkling WUXGA screen on your new lappy, prepare to pay a premium (click for bigger):

A sticky business

Should our next gift for subscribers be Linux-related stickers? This quote alone convinces me:

"Would love some stickers though to show where I've made my mark. Up to now I've been rubbing my scent on machines from a spare gland."

Now we just need lots more people saying roughly the same thing, and I think our subs team would be convinced...

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