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Monome 128

After several months on a waiting list, my Monome128 arrived last week. A Monome is a hand built walnut wood and aluminium box with 128 buttons lit by 128 LEDs - designed primarily for making weirdy electronic music. All Monomes are built by a couple of guys in Philadelphia, who promise economic and ecological sustainability in their design and production. Everything is open source, from the firmware to the PCB schematics, and many people create their own. You can even build them from an Arduino.

Community Conversion project update

A little while ago we announced the LXF Community Conversion project, where people could volunteer to convert PDFs of LXF tutorials into wiki text to help expand our wiki - if you'd like to help, visit this link for more information.

Linux on your walls

I had an email from a reader asking whether we could produce some sort of quick reference wall chart to common Linux commands, and it occurred to me that we did something similar almost 18 months ago when we produced our Getting Started guides to Linux.

It makes no sense

Because my life is like a perpetual episode of Seinfeld, I ask you: What's the deal with toasters?

I mean, look at this. Here's the marvellous job done by my classy new Argos Cookworks toaster:

That's OK -- it's pretty dark and crunchy, just as I like it. But this is setting number four. There are nine settings. No sane person would want their toast much darker than this, so why are there nine settings?

Whither the weather?

It's a bit black over Bill's mother's (as my Nottinghamshire relatives would say). I popped over to Argos this evening, and while the weather wasn't great, it was fairly bright. On exiting the shop, I was confronted by this, the biggest and swiftest transformation in the skies I've ever seen (and I'm from Cumbria!).


Valentine Sinitsyn, the main man at Linux Format Russia, recently flew in to LXF Towers to sample the local beer exchange ideas and do some sightseeing, and left me with one particularly memorable quote about how long LXF Russia subscribers have to wait for their issues: "our postal service is a bit like the UDP protocol." And you Australians thought you had it bad when waiting for your copies to arrive!

Putting PR promises to the test

Read the full story here.

And the winner…

...of the UKFast 'Best Community Site' award 2008 is...

LXF website award

Coding by Numbers

OK, I relent: please stop sending me emails requesting more programming tutorials. I know you want it. You know I want it. The next step is to figure out what you want so we can crack on with the delivery.

Hello, Orwellian World

Using the UK's Terrorism Act, some people have been arrested at the University of Nottingham. That's pretty worrying by itself if you ask me, but let's assume for a moment that those two did something really suspicious and had to be picked up. Now check out this quote from Superintendent Simon Nickless of the Nottinghamshire police: "Feedback is that people accept that this is the sort of operation that is necessary and reasonable for the welfare of communities."

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