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The eyes… they never close…

Ambling back to LXF Towers this sunny lunchtime, I came across a sinister black car with a tripod on the roof. That tripod was holding eight cameras for a 360 degree view. Now, this isn't the sort of thing you normally see in Bath, but as I got closer to the car, I saw a logo on the side. The logo of information. Google.

Linux World 2008 remarks

I returned home from the sunny delights of San Francisco on Friday. It was an eleven-hour flight, and I was crushed into steerage class on an aging Boeing 777. After the guy in front put his seat into the recline position, my head was about 6 inches away from the top of his head. Nice if you’re studying alopecia, not so great if you want to open your laptop. I would have preferred to watch Iron Man six times over. But I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I love travelling and the chance to see new places.


Inspired by Microsoft's really (really!) poor marketing campaign called the 'It's not that the product's bad, you're all just stupid' project, I thought I'd have my own go at a scientific view of how good Vista is or isn't.

Linux World 2008

How long did it take to fly to San Francisco from the UK? Around the same length of time it took to play six showings of the Iron Man movie, one after the other. Everyone else in the cabin seemed to be asleep, and I was left alone and awake in the dark watching the flicker from a dozen different screens silently playing Iron Man. I never want to see Robert Downey Jr's stupid beard ever again.

Wind up?


Every single person in the world knows that I'm a big fan of the Asus Eee PC. Well, at least the 4G 701 model that I bought late last year. But as I alluded to in the Acer Aspire One blog post, further down the page, it's becoming increasingly hard to understand Asus's product strategy. Life was great when we had the 70x and 900/1 models -- the former was cheap, the latter a tad more expensive but with the larger screen that some demanded.

Compiz con Fusion

I've just compiled and installed the latest git version of Compiz. Now, I love eye candy. But I do wonder where those Compiz developers are getting their tea!

Edit: Just found a bug! I thought it would be cool to try the 3D window rotate thing on the desktop background. It doesn't work. In fact, after you hold down that particular kung fu keyboard combo, nothing works!

Hands on with the Acer Aspire One

I've just spent ten minutes with the Acer Aspire One, a Linux-powered subnotebook with these specs: 9" screen, 512MB RAM, 8GB flash storage, 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, three USB ports, 2 SD card slots and an Ethernet port. It's running Linpus Linux 9.4 Lite -- based on Fedora -- with an Xfce desktop for added snappiness.

When the cat’s away…

...the mice go to Argos.

Here's something ker-azy: Argos has a special offer for My Word Coach DS, a vocabulary trainer for Nintendo's handheld console. If you buy it, you can also obtain an 'Action Replay Cheat System' for 1/3rd the price. (Click here and then 'Special offers'.)

OK -- that may not be so odd. Presumably Argos is offering the cut-price Action Replay with loads of games, right?

High adventure that’s beyond compare

Tomorrow is the last day at Linux Format before I leave. No, I'm not resigning or moving magazines (sorry!), but I am going on sabbatical, and that means 64 days away from the office. I've spent the last few months doing all the work I would normally have done during that time - staff appraisals, budgeting, flatplanning and, yes, even a little bit of writing, so I'm sure LXF will be all smooth sailing while I'm away.

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