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Welcome to 2009

A slightly belated Happy New Year from everyone at LXF Towers!

So, 2009 eh? What can we expect to see in the Linux community -- and the wider computing world -- over the next 12 months? Without a doubt, 2008 was the Year of the Netbook. Initially dismissed as a fad by tech pundits around the intertubes, netbooks have been a storming success with almost every laptop manufacturer releasing some form of itty-bitty machine. Best of all, a good deal of them are being shipped with some form of Linux variant, guiding new users onto the path of Free Software.

Happy Christmas!

Looking for a VoIP writer

We'd love to write a feature on how to get Asterisk working in the home, but sadly we're a bit short on experts in that area. Are you such a person? Do you know someone who might be? If so, drop me an email ( and we'll talk.

Dear Marrea…

Apologies for the illustration on p46 of LXF114. Please don't send us letter bombs.

Hugs and kisses,

Team LXF

Free mags for LUGs!

Our printers made too many LXF113s, and, for a small fee, we have had them teleported to LXF Towers for distribution to any Linux user groups that are interested. If you drop me an email ( with your address and the name of the LUG you attend, I'll have a bundle of 113s sent out to you.

Change is afoot, part 2

Six months ago I blogged about some changes we were making in the magazine to help readers get more value from their hard-earned pennies. Well, those changes were only the beginning, and we have a couple of other ideas we're thinking about. But before we dive in, we'd like to know what you think.

So, here's what we're thinking:

  • Drop the Newbie Zone pages. I know these are nice, but the whole left-hand page doesn't change, and can go onto the disc every issue.

Can’t find our mags?

We've had lots of phone calls and emails from readers who can't find You Can Code for sale near them. I can assure you it is for sale worldwide, which means if you can't find it then we have a distribution problem somewhere. Fortunately, the trade marketing manager who slaves away to get LXF into your mitts every month has volunteered to tackle the problem personally, which means that if you can't find You Can Code for sale near you, email him and say which city/country you live in and he'll try to sort it out.

This is what we’re fighting for

In the grand scheme of things, I don't really care whether you use Linux, BSD, Mac OS X or even Windows - it's your call, and you need to be productive with your computer so use whatever suits you best. But please, please, please use rather than Microsoft Office. I know that OOo is missing some of the MSO features. And I know - oh, how we all know - that OOo makes lackadaisical caterpillars look nippy.

Wikipedia drama: update!

For regular blog-watchers: I wrote a post here earlier about the possible removal of the MikeOS article from Wikipedia. It started as a light-hearted look at internet arguments and what constitutes a "notable" article (I'm fine with it being deleted if that's what the guidelines say), but it grew to involve too many names and people, and I didn't want to look like I was airing dirty washing in public or anything like that.

Off-centre trackpads

I've noticed recently that a large number of PC laptops ship with their trackpads aligned off the centre of the unit, instead directly under the spacebar. This is taken to its most extreme in the Dell Studio 17-inch laptop, which has a numeric keypad on the right of the main keyboard, so the whole keyboard is off centre, and even the far right of the trackpad is still to the left of the centre of the whole unit.

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