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A month in with TuxRadar

Well, it's now been four weeks since we flicked the switch on TuxRadar, and so far it's been going pretty well. I know some of you probably think "darn, I saw that content months ago..." (or, in the case of our insanely popular Linux tips every geek should know feature, years ago - it's from issue 58!), but for the rest of the internet there's such a lack of quality Linux tutorials and features out there that TuxRadar seems to be quite a surprise to people!

Are there too many distros?

Our podcast is released every two weeks, and in our regular Open Ballot section we ask you, our readers, what you think - and there's no room for sitting on the fence, because your answer needs to be either "yes" or "no" along with any explanation you feel like attaching.

Linux Starter Pack: now free for download

We printed a Linux Starter Pack this time last year, giving folks a hand-holding walkthrough on how to get started with Ubuntu. Well, we've put all the PDFs together into one file and released the whole thing online for everyone to read for free - go to to snag the zip.

Deconstructing the web 2.0 blogosphere

As we transition into this age of instant content delivery, our collective ethos as webizens has to be put under scrutiny. How do we communicate ideas effectively? Will the intrinsic power of the connected masses be able to destabilise the established media and lead us into a new era of networked e-democracy? Is it now time for inter-governmental institutions to step aside as the strength of social networks proves to be more forceful in enacting global change?

Long time no goo…

Yesterday was my birthday and, as a pressie, my lovely wife got me a batch of Wii points. Just enough, it turned out, to bag a pristine copy of the Master System classic Fantasy Zone and the incredible World of Goo which, if you haven't seen it, is a masterful physics based puzzle game. Amazingly, my purchase has coincided with the release of the game on Linux.

Animal magnetism

By now most of our readers will have seen LXF116 and, all being well, marvelled at what could well be the finest subscription offer we have ever run: Linux poetry magnets. You get a box of about 400 magnetised words that you can re-arrange to your heart's content - make silly geek phrases, make command lines, make whatever you want because it's great fun.

meeq v1.0



The awesome debut episode of the TuxRadar podcast has been brightening up the interwebs at for a while now – so long in fact that we're about to produce episode 2.

Questions and answers - what do you think?

I'm thinking of creating a Q&A database on the TuxRadar site, to help people find answers to Linux problems that are archived away in our old magazines - because, let's face it, problems such as compiling the kernel, fixing Grub, etc, are just as important today as they were last year or even longer ago.

Blast from the past

If you've been reading LXF for a long time, using Linux for a long time, or are just curious about what life with Linux was like at the turn of the century, we've put online the very first Roundup from Linux Format. Click the link to read Mike Saunders's original words guiding you to choosing the right distro. Then leave a comment flaming him for not including Slackware.

If you're curious to see more ancient LXF stuff see the light, just let us know.

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